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Short Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve Shirts

We think some things are better just left in their original state.

Would you wear knee length jeans? A suit jacket with elbow length sleeves? Well maybe, but we recommend otherwise. Yes, when it gets hot, long sleeves can get in the way. It is not great to drag them through your work. They can look too formal/stiff without a jacket over them. We get it. Just roll up your man sleeves and attack the day like a pro. 

We must compliment our body not fight against it.

When we wear short sleeve shirts all the dimensions of the shirt are thrown off. The sleeve opening of a short sleeve shirt is wide and unfitted doing no favors for your biceps. The length of the neck to hem of the shirt needs the shirt sleeves to ground the proportions. Similar to a T. Rex with its huge legs and tiny arms. 

The rolled sleeve compliments your ready-for-anything attitude.

Rolled up for chopping firewood and rock scrambling. Rolled down under your jacket, ready to protect your arms from the harsh sun at sea or ready to ward off insects at sundown.

Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.


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