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Black or white shirt? What color is the most versatile?

Black or white shirt? What color is the most versatile?

The Black Shirt

The first question: with a tie or without?

You know our Batch preference for that question (without). If the options are between a solid white shirt or solid black shirt, I choose a black shirt for without a tie and a white shirt if you must wear a tie. 

A black shirt is perfect for any outfit combination, other than wearing with a tie.
Black Button Down Collar Shirt

Please let me explain. I'll begin with why I love a great black shirt. Black goes with everything, or so the saying goes. (Except colorful ties). It outfits amazingly with jeans, khakis, dress pants, you name it. It never goes out of style; for that matter it seems to be more in style each year that passes. Perhaps, the best reason for a black shirt is utility - for the ease of wear. Black not only hides flaws, like dirt, or wrinkles. But also it hides our own flaws, like one too many donuts on cheat day. 

Why I don’t like black shirts with ties

Unless the tie is also black, black shirts just don’t work well with ties. As a rule, it is better to wear dark on light. For example, a navy tie on a white shirt looks great, a white tie on a navy shirt… that's odd. A khaki jacket over a white shirt – classic! A white jacket over a khaki shirt...odd again. 

It is formal and serious, mysterious and rich looking

A black shirt is great for almost every occasion. It is formal and serious, mysterious and rich looking. Black shirts transition from day to evening and wear better then any other color out there. There are few looks more perfect than a black shirt under a great black blazer. Dress that look down with medium wash jeans to meet friends out for drinks, change the pants to some light khakis to make a great casual work look that is not trying too hard. Throw on the matching pants to the blazer and you are red carpet ready. 

Black shirts are often an overlooked classic piece of attire. 

Final thoughts on the versatility of black shirts

Many men do not own a great black shirt. It is hard to keep your cotton black shirts truly black. Yes, you can purchase versions with synthetic fibers that hold their color, however we would rather the breathability and ease of classic 100% cotton. Similar to really nice dark denim jeans, having a few black shirts on hand to rotate through is the price we pay to look really great.

The Iconic White Shirt

The iconic white shirt is a must with a tie

A crisp white shirt expresses refinement and taste. Your ties are an expression of your ideals and sensibility for that day. There is no better backdrop to display the ties than a great white shirt. As crazy or calm as your tie pattern is, a white shirt does not compete - it compliments. There can not be two Belles at the ball. 

A white shirt shows refinement, a caring for the finer things in life.

The Iconic White Shirt

Keeping a white shirt white is not easy. But if you can keep a shirt white, it shows refinement and a caring for the finer things in life. Just like personal grooming, a clean car or home speaks volumes about a person. A man who shows up in a well pressed clean white shirt immediately is telling the world that he has his act together, that he means business. 

White shirts never go out of style

You will get your use out of them. They never are a bad investment. Although it is necessary to freshen your style and look with new trends, over time these trends come and go. The classic white shirt with classic promotions and a perfect tailored fit can be worn for years or until it starts to break down from use. 

They outfit with everything

What is a bad outfit with a great fitting crisp white shirt? Enough said.

A simple light blue shirt would have to be the third place runner up. Batch recommends you cover your black and white bases first. 

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