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Batch wants individuals who dare to be bold

We are driven to inspire men to be courageous and passionate individuals. We aim to change the way our customers view great brands, by designing mens products before their desires create the need.

It Is All About Passion

This is the best time to be creating passionately. Batch is unbelievably fortunate to serve loyal customers whose lives demand a fresh eye on the world. Batch is positioned to deliver as the mens market surges into new uncharted areas.

Pursuing Paradise

We are surrounded by paradise at our Fort Myers, FL headquarters. We are fortunate to experience an excess of sun, palm trees, and tropical fruits year-round. We convey the pursuing-paradise emotion into our products. We are a non-traditional company; happy and dedicated to our employees, lifestyle, and products. Batch was founded on the need of its members to bring adventure and true creativity back into their lives. We are brave individuals who create products for more courageous individuals.


Email us at building@batchshirts.com explaining how you fit into our culture and how your passion would contribute to the company.