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Men's Casual Author Button Up Shirt in Blue

Understanding The Elements Of Men's Casual Shirts

Here are the 8 things you should consider when buying casual shirts

With the workplace becoming less formal, casual shirts are fast becoming an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. Able to dress up for the office in a business casual outfit or wear on the weekend, a Batch casual shirt is versatile. Understanding the details that make up a casual shirt helps you appreciate each component of this essential garment. Here, we take a look at these details one by one.


1. Fabric

The right fabric is essential to creating a casual shirt. You want to be comfortable, no matter what your day brings. Batch Men’s uses 100% cotton or 98% cotton 2% spandex in our casual shirts, giving you breathability, comfort, ease of movement, and easy care. See our Shirt Fabric Weaves Guide and Understanding Fabric Weight for even more information on fabrics.
Men's Cotton Poplin Shirting Fabric

2. Collar

Casual shirts can have a range of different collars, from Button Down Collars to Spread Collars to Band Collars. These collars have a casual appearance, rather than looking formal, but can still be styled for the office for a put-together business casual look. You can see our complete Shirt Collar Style Guide for even more information on each of these collars.
Men's Casual Inventor Button Up Shirt in Navy

3. Pockets

Not all casual shirts have pockets, but many do to add additional functionality as well as a unique style not found in your basic shirt. A casual shirt can have 1 pocket or 2 pockets on the front. These pockets can have a range of style details, from pocket flaps to button details. You can shop Batch Men’s Casual Shirts with pockets here.
Men's Casual Builder Button Up Shirt in Gray

4. Cuffs

You won’t see any French cuffs on a casual shirt. The most common cuff on casual shirts is a barrel cuff with squared off edges. However, if you are looking for an option with a more unique look, you can choose a mitered cuff. A mitered cuff is a variation of the barrel cuff where the corners are cut at an angle (“mitered”).
Mitered Cuff on Men's Button Up Shirt

5. Hemline

Casual shirts are naturally worn untucked, so you want to make sure the hemline is a shirttail shape (rounded hem). The shirttail is most flattering when worn untucked, as it is not a harsh line dividing your torso and legs. Shirttails can still be tucked in when needed for a more professional look.
Men's Casual Purist Two Pocket Button Up Shirt in Fatigue Green

6. Seams

Darts or seams add shape to the shirt so it does not look boxy on you. Batch Men’s uses reinforced seams, as they add durability to the shirt. They are constructed as flat felled seams both for a clean look on the outside of the shirt, as well as a comfortable feel on the inside.
Seams on Men's Button Up Shirt

7. Buttons & Snaps

There are several buttons and snaps that can be used on a casual shirt to add both style and durability. Batch Men’s using high quality closures to add a touch of luxury even to our casual shirts, such as mother-of-pearl (high-quality, natural shell that adds luxury in a subtle way) and metal (more durable; won't crack or melt). You can find more information on our buttons here. Button placement on the front of the shirt is also key. You want to be able to comfortably button your shirt all the way up if needed for the office (without any bumps appearing on the front placket), but most importantly you want to be able to unbutton the top one or two buttons for the quintessential casual look (without your shirt looking too low-cut).
Mother-of-Pearl and Metal Buttons on Men's Button Up Shirt

8. Stitching

Batch Men’s shirts are stitched using single needle sewing machines for the finest and most durable shirt construction. In addition, our shirts include unique stitch details, such as multiple rows of stitching, to add both durability and style.
Men's Casual Author Button Up Shirt in Blue Close-Up On Stitching
Understanding the details of a casual shirt helps you decide on the best option to add to your wardrobe. Batch Men's uses high quality components to give you a versatile and stylish shirt that you can wear both to the office or to a weekend barbecue. Shop Batch Men's casual shirts here.