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Committed to Designing Your Shirts

Most other shirt companies just make shirts, classics that have been the same for decades. Just in new colors. Not us.

We are dedicated to the craft and design of shirtmaking. Unique details, techniques and ideas. We believe in the value of thoughtful design. Our studio is home to a small team who meticulously design every single garment from sketch to limited batch production. We deliver this direct to you, giving you great alternatives for your style.

"I believe in refining things down to their essence, then I add back the "life" that says this is unique, this is exceptional, this is special." - Geoff Argue - Designer and Co-founder

Modern Shirt White with Black Detail

Influenced by simple, refined design.
We apply this to form, function, and fit.

American Flag

Our Cornerstone is American Aesthetics

“We are creating distinctively future oriented style, grounded with timeless craftsmanship and materials, to fulfill your modern needs.”
Why Batch? 

– Geoff Argue, Designer & Co-Founder

Hand Sketching