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How should a men’s shirt fit?

How should a men’s shirt fit?

Simple answer, it should fit great.

Controversial answer, much more fitted then you are probably comfortable with. If a guy is not getting compliments on how good he looks, he is probably wearing too generic of a fit and not finding a brand that makes clothing for his body.

We all know the term "tailored" and how nice it is to wear clothing that is custom tailored to our bodies. To have all of our clothing tailored can be very expensive and very time consuming. With the addition of new extended sizing at some of the major men’s clothing retailers, customers are able to look better then ever before.

“The chest and sleeves should not be tight but just graze your body…”

A proper men’s shirt should fit well in the body so that only a small amount of ease is left spilling over the waistband. Darts in the back body can help to shape the garment to the contour of your body. The chest and sleeves should not be tight but just graze your body, emphasizing your physique.

We began with turning shirt fit upside down.

While developing our proprietary fit we realized the importance of the waist fitting correctly. Our original fit has been created to be one-of-a-kind. Not by accident but on purpose. Men’s bodies and needs have changed. We are taller and in better shape than past generations. Men’s style and proportions have changed also. The days of a sloppy fitting shirt are over. There is no faster way to look great than a tailored fitting shirt paired with a great pair of jeans or khakis. When we start with the waist, we found a shirt can look so much better than starting with the neck and sleeve length which is the traditional sizing method. Sizing based on neck and sleeve lengths only leads to an average fit shirt with a great fitting neck and sleeve length.

We believe that slim fitting shirts are actually incorrect.

A true mans body is not a tube as slim fitting shirts try to make us. Having a skin tight chest is actually doing a man less favors than he thinks. We find it better to accentuate the V shaped torso with some ease in the chest and shoulder. If you have a great V shaped body, your shirt will fit similar to a custom tailored shirt. For those of us who strive to have a V shaped body, our shirts will give the perception that you have a more V shaped masculine body than you actually do. Win. Light shoulder pads in a blazer create this same corresponding affect.

At Batch, designing for the masses does not align with our vision.

If we design to fit the masses then we will not fit our customer. We aim to fit modern men who care about their status, their physique, and their personal style.

Go Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.