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White Dress Shirt Collar

Why We Stand Behind Our Buttons

Our choice to use mother-of-pearl buttons is a small design detail that doesn’t necessarily matter to anyone. But if we took the buttons away and replaced the buttons with cheaper plastic buttons, what then? They are four times costlier than a plastic button, but worth their weight to complete a good quality shirt. Read more
Bolts of Fabric

Shirt Fabric Weaves Guide

Below is our shirt fabric guide to help you understand the many different weaves of traditional men’s shirts. Here we provide a definitive shirt weave overview. Read more
Tailors Tape Measure White Background

How To Measure Sleeve Length

The basics of shirt sleeve length. Often sleeve length is not based on your true arm length. This is because shirt sleeves do not end at the same spot on your shoulder. Read more
Cotton Plant

Formaldehyde Free Shirts

Our stance on non-iron shirts. We compare non-iron shirts to a genetically modified strawberry. All the parts seem to be there but it just doesn’t taste right. Read more
Shirt Designers in Studio

What Makes a Great Shirt?

The details. It’s not the materials, but a thousand small details that make great menswear. It’s the design nuances that modernize your entire look. Read more
Classic White Shirt Spread Collar

The Essential White Shirt

An essential in every man’s wardrobe. If there’s one item of clothing that absolutely must be in every man’s wardrobe, it’s an impeccably tailored white shirt. Read more
Navy Blue Dress Shirt

The perfect navy blue dress shirt?

A navy blue dress shirt is a powerful addition to your wardrobe. It goes with as much as a black shirt in todays mens style, perfect for blue jeans, dark denim, tan or green chinos, even grey pants. Read more