Classic White Shirt

The Classic White Shirt

An Essential in Every Man’s Wardrobe

If there’s one item of clothing that absolutely must be in every man’s wardrobe, it’s an impeccably tailored white shirt. The white shirt is the ideal multitasker, the ultimate in simplicity and versatility. It works in any social situation. White shirts easily are dressed up or down. Worn at any occasion from business meetings to weddings, casual dinners, or a night out with friends. This all-purpose garment is a smart style choice.


The Basics

Most often you get what you pay for when it comes to material, so be cautious of cheaper shirts that seem too good to be true (they probably are). For the most comfortable and most breathable fabric, you should always choose a shirt in 100% cotton. The finer the cotton fiber the finer the weave. This does not mean the fabric needs to be sheer, mutilple strands (ends) can be used to create one yarn. This yarn creates a stronger weave and more abrasion resistance.
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Avoid stretch and non-iron shirts

Avoid stretch shirts, they include lycra or other synthetic fibers to create the stretch. These fibers break down easily with bleach, causing the shirt to pucker and lose its shape. Invest in a white shirt of good quality 100% cotton fabric and you will be rewarded with a garment that is longer-lasting, comfortable to wear and more durable. The pure cotton makes the shirts crisp, smooth, and luxuriously soft against the skin. Find out why we never make non-iron shirts.
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A clean tailored fit is essential

Proper fit adds to the simplicity that makes a great white shirt. Fit adds authority. Like a finely tailored suit, a clean crisp white shirt commands respect.

White Twill Shirt

Our white twill shirt is the king of our white shirt range. It is strong but lightweight, combining both luxury and durability, and it looks seriously good worn under a suit. But the marvel of the twill weave is its wrinkle resistance without the use of harmful chemicals. Also it's perfect as a stand-alone staple outside the office. The closely woven cotton provides a dense opacity, and makes this a smart shirt that will retain its shape and look sharp wear after wear.
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Dress it Up

A white shirt is always perfect for the office, whether worn underneath a sharp navy suit, or paired with business casual chinos and a slim fit black blazer. Dress up your white shirt with a sophisticated wool tie and a fine-tailored jacket and you’ll always look polished.

Worn formally, the white shirt is unmatched at black or white tie affairs thanks to extra details such as detachable collars, French cuffs and a wing collar. Nothing bridges elegance with sharp modernity quite like a white shirt.

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Dress it Down

In addition to looking professional, a great white shirt also has the flexibility to monopolize your casual wardrobe. Simply roll up your sleeves, keep the neck open, and pair your white shirt with jeans or chinos. This all American uniform has stood the test of time. The perfect white shirt is always a good investment.

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Geoff Argue Batch Co-Founder

“A beautiful white shirt has unstoppable power.”

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