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Formaldehyde Free Shirts

Our Stance on Non-iron Shirts

We compare non-iron shirts to a genetically modified strawberry. All the parts seem to be there but it just doesn’t taste right. Similarly, the chemical modification of a non-iron shirt seems great, yet it leaves a trail of harmful chemical processes in its tracks.

Modified does not always mean better. Non-iron shirts are not 100% cotton as other shirt makers will have you believe. They are non-iron due to a strong chemical finish that is made of dangerous formaldehyde.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen.

These chemicals do not need to be listed on the tag due to their small percentage in the overall shirt. That is similar to the pesticides on your food, that does not mean that they are not there or creating negative effects to your health. Wearing non-iron shirts gives you daily contact to these chemicals through your skin. They are known to irritate the skin causing rashes and pose long term health risks. We will never endanger your health by adding a formaldehyde finish to our shirts.




The health and well being of our customers is paramount. Equally important is the health and well being of our tailors who sew the shirts. Non-iron shirt makers are exposed to large amounts of chemicals in the spraying and finishing process. We would never subject our tailors to this.

The chemical treatment also clogs the weave of the fabric. Which results in a shirt with diminished breathability and you becoming sweatier than in a chemical free shirt.

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Choose Twill Weave Instead For Wrinkle Resistance

To reduce the amount of possible wrinkling, we use a chemical-free fine twill weave fabric for many of our shirts. Twill weave employs natural wrinkle resistant properties. It also has a fantastic drape and incredibly soft hand.
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We believe that great shirts are made with pure cotton.
Nothing added. Nothing removed.

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