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10 Style Tips for Men’s Casual Band Collar Shirts

10 Style Tips for Men’s Casual Band Collar Shirts

If you’re like most of us, you’ve made the leap to get a band collar shirt – but haven’t quite figured out how it best fits into your routine. Let us help you with these quick and easy styling tips for your band collar shirt. We recommend combining a few tips for a smart casual look. If you don't have any band collar shirts in your closet get some here. 

Band Collar Gray Shirt With Top Button Undone
  • Top Button Un-Done

Always, always, always leave at least the top button un-done. At best, un-button the top two to three buttons. The more buttons left un-done, the most casual and carefree the look. This rule does not apply if you are a chef, clergy member, or an actual grandad. 

Band collar men's shirt fatigue green sitting image
  • Roll the Sleeves

Un-button your cuffs, fold back the cuff toward yourself. And repeat. The best rolled sleeves end just below your elbow. Make sure both rolled sleeves hit at the same spot, you’ll look sloppy if one sleeve is longer than the other.

Band collar men's shirt with half tucked hem image
  • A Hem Tuck

The art of tucking has become a phenomenon. We recommend either the French tuck (front is tucked in, back is out) or the Half Tuck (one half of the front of the shirt is tucked in). A Full Tuck In is also acceptable, but to keep the look casual make sure your belt and shoes aren’t dressy. 


  • Without Socks

The less “stuff” to put on, the more casual. Try a band collar shirt with rolled hem light denim and a sneaker, without socks. A great look for Spring and Summer days.



  • Underneath a Casual Blazer

The important key here is a CASUAL blazer. The rest of the look should follow suit with casual dark denim rolled at the ankles and sneakers. Make sure the hem of the shirt is higher than the hem of your blazer, it should not be longer. We suggest to leave the shirt un-tucked for this popular smart casual look.

Men's band collar shirt in white poplin image
  • White Band Collar Shirt

White is the easiest entry into our closet. We understand the color. It makes us look sharp and clean. And we don’t have to worry about color matching. A white band collar shirt is an easy switch out instead of your favorite white button down collar shirt. Find some white band collar shirts here.

men's band collar shirt image with casual chino pants
  • Casual Bottoms

Your bottoms should also be casual: a chino, jogger, dark or light denim, shorts. Stay away from suiting pants or dress pants for a casual look. Make sure your choice of bottoms isn’t sloppy or overpowering the look. For example, don’t pair a madras short with a band collar. It’s too many oddities. Instead try a classic chino jogger with a navy band collar shirt.


Men's band collar shirt in olive green with chinos image
  • The Fit

This one should be easy. Make sure your band collar shirt is a tailored / contemporary fit. If the fit is too oversized, you will look like you have on a chef’s shirt. The shirt should easily move on your body, and not be too restrictive. 

  • As a Layering Piece

Style tip #4 is great for the Spring and Summer Months. But what about in the Fall and Winter? A band collar shirt is a raised crew-neckline. Which makes it a great layering piece for a crew-neck sweater. Another smart and modern casual office look.


  • Leave the Shirt Open

This is our last style tip since it is a tough one to style well, without looking too 90’s. We recommend creating a monochrome look, such as black: a black opened band collar shirt, with a white crewneck tee underneath, and black jeans paired with boots. See our men's band collar shirt collection here. 


Need additional style advice? Check out our Style Guide.


7 Casual Ways to Rock a Dress Shirt

7 Casual Ways to Rock a Dress Shirt

Over the past few years, we have noticed a movement away from the traditional "suit and tie" towards a more casual and unique manner of dress. Men are increasingly permitted to put their personal style on display, even in professional settings, and we are loving it. That doesn't mean that sophistication has fallen by the wayside- quite the opposite, in fact.

We encourage you to wear the dress shirts you love with a bit of a casual touch. And, ditch the tie!

Untuck That Dress Shirt

Whereas it used to be frowned upon to untuck a dress shirt, today many dress shirts are tailored to be worn tucked or untucked. No longer considered to be "sloppy" the untucked dress shirt is a sign of casual sophistication and confidence. Business casual dress shirts with contrasting buttons can be paired with raw denim jeans or trousers for casual Friday at the office or drinks with friends after a long day. Style an untucked dress shirt with a blazer for a refined dressed down look that turns heads.

Roll the Sleeves


For an interesting casual dress shirt on the go, roll the sleeves and style with some white jeans and casual shoes. The Commander Shirt combines function with versatile style with roll tabs to secure sleeves. Light weight twill works great for this look and minimizes wrinkling. It's amazing how a dress shirt can be transformed in seconds into part of a more relaxed outfit. 

Pair with a Sweater

The sleek and simple look of a casual dress shirt layered under a fitted cardigan is understated. Our favorite is wearing a slate gray Essential Casual Shirt under a light gray blazer cardigan for an achromatic look that makes an impression. 

Whether you are going for a bright and bold outfit or a muted statement, showcase your favorite sweater with a dress shirt.

Ready for Vacation

Feeling carefree on vacation means looking the part. Leave the khakis at home and add a few short sleeve dress shirts to your mix. Being on vacation doesn't mean you can't look pulled together. Short sleeve dress shirts help you do just that. Throw on a paid of leather sandals and a classic straw hat and be the best dressed at the resort. 

Casual Yet Classic

Time honored and respected, the khaki/dress shirt combination is a go-to casual look. Class it up with a luxury watch or add some brogues for a bit of flair. The most important part of this look is that the fit of both shirt and trousers is perfect and the fabrics are clean and crisp.

Black on Black

Pairing black with black is always a smart move as long as you use varying textures. Start with the Commander Casual Dress Shirt in jet black cotton twill. Add some black jeans and a black knit sweater vest for a sleek Hollywood vibe. Play around with different fabrics for multiple ways of casually rocking a dress shirt.

The dress shirt is an important part of any capsule wardrobe because of how simple it is to dress it up or down. 

Athletic Casual

Nothing is more impressive than an athletic man striding down the street in joggers and a utility dress shirt. This look exudes casual confidence and energy. Pair this ensemble with some fresh tennis shoes and a casual watch and you are ready for whatever the day brings. 

It can't be overstated that the best way to successfully pull off any of these looks is to make sure that your casual dress shirt fits properly. Rely on a fit guide to achieve a showstopping tailored look. 

5 Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

5 Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

Whether you wear a suit and tie every day or enjoy a more business casual vibe, every man should own a basic assortment of men's dress shirts. When building a wardrobe to accommodate any event at a moment's notice, start with these five dress shirts that every man should own.

High End Dress Shirt

White Dress Shirt With Contrast Placket and Nk Band

A plain, solid white tailored cotton shirt with no chest pocket is considered to be the quintessential dress shirt. This dress shirt is a must-have in every man's closet. It can be worn with any type of trouser. The high end white dress shirt pairs perfectly with any type of suit. Serving as a clean, blank canvas, the high end white dress shirt is the perfect backdrop for any tie. When shopping for this essential shirt, consider fabrics made of twill for versatility and fewer wrinkles.

Essential Business Casual Dress Shirt

Batch Business Casual Shirt White

The essence of the "business casual" look is dressing down a notch from a suit. Business casual dress shirts are not casual, but rather they are a step down from the high end dress shirt. Every business casual outfit begins with the essential business casual dress shirt

Once you find the perfect business casual dress shirt, go ahead and buy five. This shirt is a staple for men who want to give a great first impression. Some things to consider when shopping for a business casual shirt:

  • Opt for white and other light colors.
  • Avoid bold patterns or colors.
  • Fit should be tailored and compliment your body type. 
  • Fabric should be clean and crisp. Mercerized cotton in mid weight is best.
  •  Look for a soft spread or cutaway collar

Band Collar Shirt

When the weather is hot and humid and you are ready to ditch the collar and tie, pull out the band collar shirt. When styled correctly, the band collar shirt is perfect for a business casual look that gives a bit more room to breathe. We love band collar shirts made of durable, classic 100% cotton oxford with a chest pocket. Dress this shirt up or down for a clean, classic look.

Casual Dress Shirt

Casual Dress Shirt With White Buttons

Casual can still be classy. Also known as a sport shirt, the casual dress shirt has a very distinctive style. Casual dress shirts are typically oxford button down shirts that are less stiff and worn in bolder, brighter colors. Most often, casual dress shirts are styled to transform jeans into a sharper, more sophisticated casual look. 

Utility Shirts

Batch Utility Shirt Navy Blue Image

Commonly thought of as a rugged work shirt, utility shirts are also designed to be "luxtility shirts." Whether you are going for a classic, modern, colorful, or super casual look, do it with sophistication with a newly designed utility shirt. Available in twill, oxford, mercerized cotton, or poplin, utility shirts are exceedingly comfortable and refined enough for a weekend outing or drinks with friends. 

It doesn't take an elaborate wardrobe to look your best every day. Adding a combination of these five dress shirts to your wardrobe will elevate your style and tame the desire to wear a t-shirt. Mix and match any of these essential dress shirts with a combination of trousers for a complete wardrobe that would make any man proud.