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7 Casual Ways to Rock a Dress Shirt

7 Casual Ways to Rock a Dress Shirt

Over the past few years, we have noticed a movement away from the traditional "suit and tie" towards a more casual and unique manner of dress. Men are increasingly permitted to put their personal style on display, even in professional settings, and we are loving it. That doesn't mean that sophistication has fallen by the wayside- quite the opposite, in fact.

We encourage you to wear the dress shirts you love with a bit of a casual touch. And, ditch the tie!

Untuck That Dress Shirt

Whereas it used to be frowned upon to untuck a dress shirt, today many dress shirts are tailored to be worn tucked or untucked. No longer considered to be "sloppy" the untucked dress shirt is a sign of casual sophistication and confidence. Business casual dress shirts with contrasting buttons can be paired with raw denim jeans or trousers for casual Friday at the office or drinks with friends after a long day. Style an untucked dress shirt with a blazer for a refined dressed down look that turns heads.

Roll the Sleeves


For an interesting casual dress shirt on the go, roll the sleeves and style with some white jeans and casual shoes. The Commander Shirt combines function with versatile style with roll tabs to secure sleeves. Light weight twill works great for this look and minimizes wrinkling. It's amazing how a dress shirt can be transformed in seconds into part of a more relaxed outfit. 

Pair with a Sweater

The sleek and simple look of a casual dress shirt layered under a fitted cardigan is understated. Our favorite is wearing a slate gray Essential Casual Shirt under a light gray blazer cardigan for an achromatic look that makes an impression. 

Whether you are going for a bright and bold outfit or a muted statement, showcase your favorite sweater with a dress shirt.

Ready for Vacation

Feeling carefree on vacation means looking the part. Leave the khakis at home and add a few short sleeve dress shirts to your mix. Being on vacation doesn't mean you can't look pulled together. Short sleeve dress shirts help you do just that. Throw on a paid of leather sandals and a classic straw hat and be the best dressed at the resort. 

Casual Yet Classic

Time honored and respected, the khaki/dress shirt combination is a go-to casual look. Class it up with a luxury watch or add some brogues for a bit of flair. The most important part of this look is that the fit of both shirt and trousers is perfect and the fabrics are clean and crisp.

Black on Black

Pairing black with black is always a smart move as long as you use varying textures. Start with the Commander Casual Dress Shirt in jet black cotton twill. Add some black jeans and a black knit sweater vest for a sleek Hollywood vibe. Play around with different fabrics for multiple ways of casually rocking a dress shirt.

The dress shirt is an important part of any capsule wardrobe because of how simple it is to dress it up or down. 

Athletic Casual

Nothing is more impressive than an athletic man striding down the street in joggers and a utility dress shirt. This look exudes casual confidence and energy. Pair this ensemble with some fresh tennis shoes and a casual watch and you are ready for whatever the day brings. 

It can't be overstated that the best way to successfully pull off any of these looks is to make sure that your casual dress shirt fits properly. Rely on a fit guide to achieve a showstopping tailored look.