our craftsmanship

We Are Fanatical About Shirts

As with any great passion, designing and making the finest shirts for you is like air to us. We live and breathe each stitch, seam, and detail. We choose to stand apart and create garments focused on design and craftsmanship that are a worthwhile investment. We build our shirts one-at-a-time in small batches, creating a product with value simply not found today.

Other brands talk about small batches, it's our name.


Scissors Cutting Fabric

Great craftsmanship is the first step towards great style


We choose our fabrics based on maximizing the finest quality with durability and comfort. Batch shirts are always classic cotton, some have spandex added for movement and comfort. We choose timeless weaves to give you years of dependable use. We never use fabric with formaldyhyde or any other harmful chemicals.
Fabric Detail


Our shirts are created by highly trained tailors one shirt at a time. To make the longest lasting shirts in the best quality we only use single needle sewing machines.

You'll see small details like seams that line up with 1/16" tolerance or stitching finer than expensive dress shirts. We see products worth making.
Sewing Machine making Collar


The details make your style. Refined timeless pockets, flat-felled reinforced seaming, uncommon premium buttons, dense stitches per inch and sewn in interfacing just to name a few. Our shirts will always have details designed exclusively for you.
Batch Cuff Detail