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What Makes a Great Shirt?

Geoff Argue – Designer & Co-Founder

The Details

It’s not just the materials, but a thousand small details that make great menswear. It’s the design nuances that speak about who you are. Menswear today has become simplified to the point of loosing the details. Think of it like the food industry, the more we mass produce the more the flavors are lost, everything tastes the same. Yet the point of food is the flavors, and the point of menswear is the details. These details make your style.
Some details to look for are:
Shape - collar, cuff, fit.
Stitching - thick, thin, contrast color, novelty threads.
Fabric - solid, texture, printed, jacquard.
Trims - buttons, cording, interfacing.
Luxur Contrast Navy Shirt


Shirts should be more than cloth on your back. Expressing your personal style is paramount. That takes understanding what you stand for, what you do, and how you live. We create style that is right for your story. We take inspiration from these stories and turn them into shirts.
Collar Design and Sketching Tools
Model Grabbing Collar

Good design has transformative power

Good Design

It can elevate your mood. It makes a statement about you. When the design is just right, it makes everything easier. We focus on design first, and the rest seems to fall into place. Shirts that focuses on custom fit or shorter untucked lengths seem to miss the whole point of clothing in our opinion. We liken it to focusing on the color of your house, if the house is the same as everyone else, painting it a different color is missing the point. Move neighborhoods, and find a clothing supplier that cares about design.
Batch Birr White Dress Shirt
Geoff Argue Batch Co-Founder

“It's not enough for shirts to simply function.
Great shirts must add to the story of your life.”

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