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Men's Short Sleeve Casual Button-Up Shirt

How Should A Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Fit?

A Must-See Guide to Casual Short Sleeve Shirts

As the weather warms, short sleeve casual shirts become more popular and comfortable, but there are some things you should look for to ensure your short sleeve shirt properly fits. While very similar to our must-see guide to the casual button up short sleeve shirt, there are some specifics to the sleeve fit you should know for short sleeve shirts. Follow this guide to keep your short sleeve shirts looking modern and stylish.


Sleeve Length of a Casual Shirt

Let’s start with the sleeve length. For a short sleeve shirt, you want the sleeves to end between the middle and the bottom of your bicep. When looking for a more modern style, choose a sleeve length that is closer to the middle of your bicep. When you are needing a more conservative look for the office or other professional setting, go with a sleeve length that ends at the bottom of your bicep.

See our guide to measure sleeves here.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Button-Up Shirt Sleeve Length

Avoid Sleeves that Swing Out

In addition to length, you need to make sure your short sleeves do not swing out at an angle. This means the sleeve opening needs to be narrow and more tailored than your dad’s shirts. Your sleeves should stay relatively close to your arm, but not so tight that you can’t comfortably move (see image for correctly fit sleeves).
Men's Short Sleeve Shirt Correct Sleeves Versus Sleeves Swinging Out

Finding the Right Body Fit

You want your short sleeve casual shirt to fit comfortably so you can move around, but still have some shape. Avoiding a boxy silhouette is important (this is a fit that has no shape as the sides fall straight down). For the best fit, choose a shirt that is more tailored with shape created at the side seams or with back darts or back seams.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Correct Fit Versus Boxy Fit

Finding the Proper Shirt Length

Another important measurement to check is the length of your shirt. You want to make sure the shirt length matches the proportions of your body, finding the right length that allows you to wear the shirt either untucked, tucked, or half-tucked.

You can use the zipper on your pants or the back pocket on your pants as guides for proper shirt length. Your shirt should end between the middle and bottom of the zipper on your pants. If checking against the back pocket, the shirt should end between the middle and bottom of the pocket, never fully covering it.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Length

Consider Your Shirt Collar Height

The collar height affects the proportional look of the shirt. When looking at collar height, you want to be between 1 ½” to 2 ½”. A modern shirt has a collar that is on the smaller side of the spectrum.

When worn, there should only be enough room between the collar and the back of your neck for a finger to fit comfortably. A gap any larger is a sign the shirt is too big for you.

Click here for a complete guide on collar styles.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Collar Fit

Where the Shoulder Seam Ends

A sign of a poorly tailored shirt is if the shoulder seam ends on the shoulder muscle. You want to make sure the shoulder seam ends at the edge of the shoulder bone to avoid a boxy fit (see image for correct shoulder seams).
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Shoulder Seam Placement

How the Armhole Should Fit

The armhole should fit close and comfortably to the body, creating a clean shape around your chest and at your underarm. This gives the shirt a tailored look. If the shirt hem rises 1” or more when you lift your arms 45 degrees, the armhole is too low.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Tailored Armhole Fit

Avoid Buttons Pulling on Your Shirt

While it is natural for the front buttons of your shirt to pull a little when you move, you do not want the shirt to be pulling at these buttons when you are standing still. If they are, the shirt is too small for you.
Men's Short Sleeve Casual Shirt Pulling at Front Versus Correct Fit

Find your Perfect Fit Short Sleeve Casual Shirt

Short sleeve casual shirts are a stylish way to look put together warmer weather, but it is key to ensure you have the right fit, whether you are dressing for the boardroom or for a barbeque. Shop Batch’s line of short sleeve casual shirts here.