Shirt Spread Collar Detail

Shirt Collar Style Guide

A Guide to Men’s Shirt Collar Styles

Shirt collars come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the differences is an important lesson in men’s shirting. Men typically gravitate to just a few collar shapes; but becoming confident with all the nuances will broaden your personal style. The right collar can change the tone of an outfit from average to amazing.

  • Collar Spread Shirt Diagram

    Collar Spread

    The distance between the collar points

    Collar Spread Shirt Diagram
  • Collar Point Diagram

    Collar Point

    The end or tip of the collar

    Collar Point Diagram
  • Collar Length Diagram

    Collar Height

    How tall a collar is

    Collar Length Diagram
  • Collar Band Height Diagram

    Band Height

    Collar band or stand height

    Collar Band Height Diagram
  • Collar Roll Diagram

    Collar Roll

    The fold-over at the collar band

    Collar Roll Diagram
  • Collar Edge Diagram

    Collar Edge

    The outer edge of the collar

    Collar Edge Diagram