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Men's Casual Button Down Collar Shirt

Tips on How to Wear a Classic Button Down Collar Shirt

What is a Button Down Collar?

Put simply, it is a shirt collar with buttons on the collar points to fasten it in place. There are two different types of button down collars:

1. Classic Button Down Collar, where the buttons on the collar points are visible.

2. Hidden Button Collar, where the buttons on the collar points are hidden.

See our Shirt Collar Style Guide for more information on collars.

Now, the question is, how can you wear your classic button down collar? You have more style options than you may think, ranging from ultra-casual to semi-formal. Here are the top 4 ways to wear your button down collar.


Button Down Collar Without a Tie

If looking for a more casual style, but still appropriate for the office, choose to outfit your button down collar without a tie and unbutton the top button. Most often, classic button down collars are worn without ties. Having the collar buttons still fastened will keep the collar standing up, helping the shirt still look crisp, yet casual. For a more business causal look, pair your shirt with a jacket.
Men's Button Down Collar Business Casual Outfit

Buttoning the Shirt All the Way Up

You can certainly button your shirt all the way up and forgo the tie. This look has been gaining more popularity lately and is often best suited for fall and winter as you might find it is too hot to wear your shirt fully buttoned in the summer. Finish the look by pairing your shirt with a jacket.
Men's Button Down Collar Fully Buttoned Outfit

Unbuttoning the Collar Buttons

For the most relaxed look, unbutton the collar point buttons and unbutton the top button. This option for wearing button down collar shirts is best when you need to look your most casual, whether on weekends or after dinner. We do not recommend this look for professional settings. Be sure to wear your shirt untucked and sleeves rolled up to finish the look.
Men's Button Down Collar Casual Outfit

Button Down Collar With a Tie

Looking for a dressier outfit while still keeping a casual feeling? Then pair your button down collar with a tie. Keep the buttons on the collar points fastened and outfit with a jacket for a semi-formal look. Make sure your tie is also casual – cotton or knit ties are perfect. Avoid dressy silk ties.
Men's Button Down Collar Semi-Formal Outfit

Find Your Button Down Collar Shirt

Button down collars are versatile and can be styled in different ways for a casual weekend or a day at the office. Shop Batch’s assortment of button down collar shirts to find the perfect one for you. Shop Batch's collection of button down collars here.