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Navy Blue Dress Shirt on Model

The Perfect Navy Blue Dress Shirt

What to look for in the perfect navy blue dress shirt?

A navy blue dress shirt is a powerful addition to your wardrobe. It goes with as much as a black shirt in todays mens style, perfect for blue jeans, dark denim, tan or green chinos, even grey pants. The perfect navy blue dress shirt has an air of mystery about it, just uncommon enough to look stunning against your peers yet classic enough for everyday wear. Here is what to look for in the perfect navy blue dress shirt:



Fabric, this is the most important part. A faded blue just will not cut it. The darker the navy blue the harder it is to maintain the color. Never pick polyester or nylon shirts, yes the color will last, but the fibers will trap odor and are less breathable causing this to happen more quickly on a dark color shirt on a sunny day.

What we recommend looking for is mercerized cotton. This traditional process uses a harmless chemical to straighten and smooth the fibers. The benefits are a much smoother hand to the fabric and the additional absorption of up to 25% more dyestuff. For navy blue shirts this is critical. 25% more color makes a big difference in how long your shirt looks great.
Navy Blue Dress Shirt Top Shot


Style, as silly as this sounds a minimal look to the style will help the navy blue color take the front seat. Small details can help draw the eye and add interest. When choosing a shirt make sure the details are top notch as they can stand out on this dark color.


Care, The fabric will become most worn out and fated at the edges and points of wear. We recommend washing your navy blue dress shirts inside out to lessen the agitation. Much like dark denim, the more care you take to washing the longer the dark blue tone will last.


Buttons, seem like a simple detail. On a navy shirt they really stand out. We prefer smoke colored mother-of-pearl. Never navy dyed plastic buttons, these ruin the whole luxury. A dyed black mother-of-pearl button is another good option. They will add a subtle jet black shine accenting the look.
Navy Blue Dress Shirt Angle

Watch your blue colors

One final note on the perfect navy blue dress shirt is to watch your blue colors, navy blue can shift to either the red or green side of the color spectrum. If you are going for an all blue look it is best to make sure your pants are matching warm or cool color. For example denim often has a slight green tint to it. So it is best to match a very neutral navy blue to these jeans so the colors do not fight.