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Modern Utility Shirt in Burgundy

Components of a Modern Utility Shirt

The Details of the Modern Man's Utility Shirts

Utility shirts are an essential in every modern man’s wardrobe. They embody casual effortlessness, they have the perfect blend of masculine power, they are low maintenance, and they have a forgiving fit. Add rich color and unmatched durability and you can easily see the value of utility shirts.

Understanding the components of modern utility shirts can help you to choose the style that is right for you. Each component plays an important role of the utility shirt. Let’s dig into the pieces of how each utility shirts' function fits perfectly into your life.
Utility Shirts Navy Fabric


Durability and comfort are priority for everyday utility shirts. The fabric is often made of 100% cotton, though polyester is common in true workwear. We do not recommend polyester because it is less breathable, pills, holds odors, and is stiffer. Cotton fiber softens with use, has a comfortable hand feel, is easy care, and is breathable. Twill is the most commonly used fabric weave because of its durable properties. Oxford weave is also very durable and a great alternative to twill for utility shirts. Sateen is another fabric option that adds a touch of luxury to the utility shirt. See Batch Men's line of utility shirts here.

Sleeve Length

Sleeve length is key to a great utility shirt. Workmen use long sleeves as protection from the elements or job hazards. The modern man can utilize this same function for sun protection and style versatility. Long sleeves can be rolled back when not in use, and often a roll tab is provided for this function. Rolled sleeves also give a more casual look for weekend outings.

Utility Shirts Rolled Sleeves


It is important that the cuffs on a utility shirt look casual. The most common cuff is a barrel cuff with squared off edges. However, if you are looking for an option with a more unique look, you can choose a mitered cuff. A mitered cuff is a variation of the barrel cuff where the corners are cut at an angle (“mitered”).
Mitered Cuff on Men's Utility Editor Shirt in Dark Burgundy


Utility shirts either have a button-down collar or a spread collar based on your preference. The button down collar has a more functional look and the spread gives a more casual feel. Button down collars are a great option for less hassle out of the wash. A hidden button collar is a nice middle-ground option for ease of use and clean look. See our Shirt Collar Style Guide for more information on each of these collars.You can find some here.
Utility Shirt Collar Image

Pocket Function

Pockets on utility shirts are great for both function and style. Designed with a two pocket detail, utility shirt pockets are placed on the chest because there is a lack of movement in this area. They can be used to carry small items you need easy access to like a pen or money. We do not recommend you jam the pockets full of objects (a cell phone, pad of paper or pen are plenty). Pockets are also a smart style choice as they bring positive attention to your chest. The dimension and seaming on the pockets give you a functional, masculine look that doesn't come from a basic shirt.
Utility Shirt Pockets

Finishing Details

The finishing details of a utility shirt are the pocket types, seams, hemline, buttons, and stitching.


Utility Shirts Pocket Types

Pocket Types

Let’s review pocket shape and pocket styling. Pocket shape really sets each utility shirt apart. Pockets can be square, rounded, have flaps or no flaps, 3D or flat - the options are endless. Pockets with flaps tend to be a differentiating factor to distinguish a casual shirt from a utility shirt. These flaps often have buttons that hold in the pocket contents.

Pockets can have bellows or pleats or both to create a 3D effect. Bellows are the added depth to the side of the pocket. It is usually made in the form of an extra piece of fabric added to the side of the pocket giving dimension to the pocket. Pleats are either box or inverted box pleats. They are created by folding the pocket fabric. Both pleats or bellows function by giving additional space to the pocket through expansion.



Reinforced seams can add ease of movement and durability to weak points on a shirt, or they can be added as style lines to emphasize a certain aspect of the body or garment. Seams also help to add shape to the shirt so it does not look boxy when worn. They are constructed as flat felled seams on high quality shirts which gives a clean appearance and feel inside the shirt. Inexpensive utility shirts usually just have a overlocked seam with thread showing inside the garment.
Utility Shirts Seams in Olive Green


Utility shirts should be worn untucked, so you want to make sure the hemline is a shirttail shape (rounded hem). The shirttail is most flattering when worn untucked, as it is not a harsh line dividing your torso and legs.
Men's Utility Maker Button Up Shirt in Clean Blue
Utility Shirts Button Types

Button Types

Buttons on a utility shirt are the icing. Metal buttons are great for durability, they will not crack or melt. Plastic buttons are a good option in place of metal for value and weight. Snaps are the easiest closure to use, although they can pop open. We love real shell buttons on utility shirts. They give an unexpected hint of luxury without being overstated. You can find more information on our buttons here.

Button placement on the front of the shirt is also key. You want to be able to comfortably button your shirt all the way up if needed for the office (without any bumps appearing on the front placket), but most importantly you want to be able to unbutton the top one or two buttons for the quintessential casual look (without your shirt looking too low-cut).



Batch Men’s shirts are stitched using single needle sewing machines for the finest and most durable shirt construction. In addition, our shirts include unique stitch details, such as multiple rows of stitching, to add both durability and style.
Men's Utility Constructor Button Up Shirt in Light Merlot Stitch Detail

How To Finish Your Utility Look

Utility shirts are perfect for the modern man on the go, they outfit with just about anything, perfect with your favorite jeans or well worn chinos. Utility shirts look carefree worn open over a t-shirt, or occasion ready dressed up with a blazer.

Today's man is masculine, modern, and efficient. Utility shirts compliment these ideals. Pair a utility shirt with your premium sneakers, your favorite watch, and a can-do attitude and you simply can't go wrong.

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