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6 Reasons to Wear a Men’s Band Collar Shirt

What is a Band Collar Shirt?

First, let's begin with an introduction to what a band collar shirt is. The men's band collar shirt has been an icon of statement dressing since its 1920s origin from detachable collars. These collars could be removed separately to change the shirt's look or laundered independently. Wearing the shirt without the detachable collar gave rise to a classic menswear staple.
This style goes by several nicknames: band collar shirt, collarless shirt, and grandad collar shirt. The only distinguishing characteristic from a standard men's button-up shirt is the neck band. The main difference in band collar styles lies in how the collar lays against your neck. American styling does not stand up on your neck (Nehru and Mandarin "Asian" collars stand up). The band is 1" wide or less, soft, and pliable without stiff interfacing inside the collar.

Need a break from a button down shirt, but still want more refinement than a t-shirt?

Consider a band collar shirt. Since they are typically in the same fabric options as a collared shirt, and the same overall shirt construction – choosing a band collar shirt is easy. Here are six reasons to add some band collar shirts into your mix.


1) They're Clean

If your closet is full of collared shirts already, it’s a great time to try a band collar shirt to update your look. It can feel a bit weird the first time you wear one but the clean aesthetic can add a modern twist to your style.
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2) They're Upgraded T-Shirts

Let’s face it, t-shirts are trending. But they are the most casual expression of yourself that you can convey. One step up is the band collar shirt. It’s basically a henley in woven fabric and if styled right (see reason #5), you can feel as comfortable in a band collar shirt as you would in a t-shirt. If you want to have them just as comfortable as t-shirts get one with stretch or better yet made from jersey knit fabric.
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3) They Keep You Cool

The lack of collar makes this shirt great for Summer months. It's amazing how not having a collar up against your neck lets you breathe easy. When the humidity is high and the days are sweltering your neck will thank you.
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4) They're Great Layered

The lack of collar makes this shirt an easy layering canvas. Choose a blazer for a work meeting, under a sweater for date night, or under a puffer vest in the cooler months. Consider keeping the top button un-done for a more casual look.
Band Collar Shirt Layered Under Jacket

5) They're Casual

Making casual look with a band collar shirt is easy. Start with choosing how you want to wear the bottom of the shirt: tucked, un-tucked, half-tucked. Your pant options could be anything other than dress pants or sweat pants: denim, chinos, shorts or even joggers. Add some clean sneakers. Top off the look with messy rolled sleeves for a get-er-done feel. Lastly, if you’re in southern states, un-button the top few buttons or wear open over a white t-shirt.Shop Band Collar Shirts Here
Band Collar Blue Oxford Shirt

Bonus - They Dress Up Easily

Pair with a suit for an client meeting, or under v-neck sweater out at a fine restaurant. Make sure to keep the top button done up for a more modern look. Find this shirt here.
Band Collar Shirt Green With White Buttons

In fashion, everything old is new again

– but with a twist. Take Tommy Shelby from the Peaky Blinders BBC acclaimed show as your style reference. A band collar shirt is a timeless classic worthy of your consideration, today and for years to come.


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