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How Should A Men’s Casual Shirt Fit?

A Guide to Great Fitting Casual Button-Up Shirts

As the workplace is becoming more casual, it is common to see casual shirts making an appearance. How do you look casual and yet still stylish and pulled together? We have the complete guide on how to find the right fit for your casual shirt. Hint: it’s more tailored than you think. Follow this checklist on the top eight things to watch for to achieve the look that keeps you casual, yet confident.


Finding the Right Body Fit

When wearing your shirt, you don’t want to look boxy, nor do you want the shirt so tight you are uncomfortable and can’t move easily. A boxy fit means what it sounds like…the shirt falls straight at your sides, creating a box, or square shape. The reason for this could be you are wearing a shirt that is a size too big, but could also be due to the cut of the shirt. Choose a shirt that is more tailored and created with shape at the side seams and back darts or back seams.

For the proper fit, there should be 1 ½”-3” of fabric when you pinch the excess fabric on the side of your body. When doing this, do not pull the fabric.
Men's Casual Shirt Boxy Fit Versus Correct Body Fit

Finding the Proper Shirt Length

Making sure to check the length of your casual shirt is key. If the shirt is too short, it can make you look too tall. If it is too long, it can look like you are too short for your clothes. You want to find that balance in length where you can choose to either wear your shirt untucked, tucked, or half-tucked.

A good tip is to use the zipper on your pants as a guide. The front hem of your shirt should end between the middle and bottom of your zipper.

Another point of reference for proper shirt length is the back pocket on your pants. The hem of your shirt should end between the middle and bottom of your pants pockets, never fully covering your pockets.
Men's Casual Shirt Length Measurement

Consider Your Shirt Collar Height

When looking at collar height, you want to avoid collars that look too big (2 ½” or more) or too small (1 ½” or smaller).

The back of your collar should land on the back of your neck, without a large gap (a finger should fit in comfortably). A large gap between your neck and your collar is a sign that the shirt is too large for you.

Click here for a complete guide on collar types.
Men's Casual Shirt Collar Fit

Sleeve Fit of A Casual Shirt

You want your shirt sleeve to look fitted to your body, but also allow you to move around comfortably. Ideally, you want to have 1”-1 ½” of extra fabric when you pinch your sleeve at the bicep and the shirt should be fitted at your forearm.

Your sleeve should end ½” below your wrist. This is especially important when pairing your shirt with a jacket, as you want to make sure your shirt cuff ends ½” below your jacket sleeve hem. See our guide to measure sleeves here.
Men's Casual Shirt Sleeve Fit and Sleeve Length

How Your Cuff Should Fit

You want to make sure your cuff is comfortable and not too tight to restrict movement. Make sure you can fit one to two fingers into the cuff for the best fit.
Men's Casual Shirt Cuff Fit

Where the Shoulder Seam Ends

Your shoulder seam should end at the edge of the shoulder bone, not the shoulder muscle (see image for correct shoulder seams). If the shoulder seam ends on the shoulder muscle, the shirt can look too boxy.
Men's Casual Shirt Shoulder Seam Placement

How the Armhole Should Fit

To get a tailored look, your armhole should fit closer than a boxy shirt, creating a clean shape around your chest and at your underarm. The best way to check how the armhole on a shirt fits is to raise your arms to the side 45 degrees. The armholes are too low if the hem of your shirt pulls up 1” or more.
Men's Casual Shirt Armhole Tailored Fit

Avoid Buttons Pulling on Your Shirt

When standing still, you do not want the shirt to be pulling at the buttons at the front. This is a clear sign the shirt is too small for you.

Remember, when you move around, it is natural for buttons to pull a bit.
Men's Casual Shirt Buttons Pulling Versus Correct Fit

Find Your Perfect Fit Casual Button-Up Shirt

Casual shirts are a classic staple, but to look put together, you must make sure to have the right fit. Not only will the proper fit look better on you, but you will feel more comfortable and confident, whether you’re in the office or out on the weekend.

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