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I'm dedicated to making the best shirts in the world.

It’s hard to find great shirts. Shirts with exceptional quality and refined style. Shirts that communicate who we are and how we live our lives.

I am not average, and neither are you. Our lives are incredible. So why let mediocre mass-produced shirts define who we are?


Humble Beginnings

I founded Batch in 2015 with four challenges to conquer: design and make world class shirts that you love, create a premium shopping experience for you exclusively online, establish our own tailor shop to responsibly produce our shirts and ensure remarkable quality.

A hard obstacle was to forget everything I knew about fashion. I needed to change the process to ensure a different outcome. The process became Batch, 'Premium shirts handcrafted in small batches.'
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Building Value

Small batches allow us to pay attention to the invisible details. These details combine to create shirts you love to wear.

I'm dedicated to making the best shirts in the world. One batch at a time.

Geoff Argue - Founder

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