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I'm dedicated to designing style you love.

It’s hard to find great shirts. Shirts that communicate who we are and how we live our lives.
I am not average, and neither are you. Our lives are incredible. So why let mediocre mass-produced shirts define who we are?


why start Batch?

I started Batch in 2015 determined to design shirts with style. I found it hard to find shirts that were not too boring, or not too crazy. Shirts with just the right amount of style for guys like us. Shirts that look great at the office, with clients in the field or kicking back having drinks with friends.
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Building Batch

Batch style is rugged and refined. It's the impossible balance that we strive for.

We building in small batches so we can pay attention to the finest details. These details create style you love.

I'm dedicated to designing style you love. One batch at a time.

Geoff Argue - Founder

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