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Predictions on Men's style

Predictions on Men's style

We have our work cut out. 

Let me break-down men's style for you: it is easier to sell ice to eskimos than convince the average guy to dress better. So true, right? 

Why is discussing men's style taboo? It's a cultural stigma that men do not embrace personal style the same way women do. It's considered un-masculine to express an interest in shopping for the perfect fitting jeans. When was the last time a man watched the men's equivalent to the Victoria's Secret show? (There isn't one!). But, thanks to the rapid advancement of social media (mainly IG), men's style is evolving. It is a visual platform allowing men unlimited access to imagery of great style worn by uber-masculine men.

Times have turned friends.

In the past, women needed to be the "peacocks" as women were dependent on men in old-world cultures for money and status. We are closer than ever to landing on Mars, there are actually energy efficient affordable cars now, and Cross Fit competitions are equally a women's competition as much as men's. Watch-out ladies. Men are starting to peacock and the tide is turning.

Men care about their bodies more then ever.

They search out the sharpest haircuts, sneakers and watches have reached a cult status. Men's clothing is the frontier that has not been explored or changed in a long time. Entertainment like MADMEN and Peeky Blinders is helping show a new way. 

We see a shift, it is slow, almost unrecognizable. It is and will be grass roots, men really care about looking great again. They want to turn heads, to be noticed. Clothing is more fitted, style is back. Men want to outdo each other to be the classiest or freshest.  

Men will seek out brands with vision.

Brands to bring them into the next decade. We went through the service economy, the experience economy, the connected economy, the giving economy, we think that the next will be some sort of individual economy. The internet has offered up an endless supply of products that give you the ability to find "your" brand. And people have the excitment to search out that experience. What style will you find and how will you make it yours?

Go Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.