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Where do banded collar shirts fit in my wardrobe?

Where do banded collar shirts fit in my wardrobe?

We love banded collar shirts.

We think they fit right between your casual button-down shirts and t-shirts. Really, they are a great alternative to a t-shirt. A banded collar shirt is an easy "throw-on" style with little care needed. The fabric should be comfortable and soft, not a stiff dressy non-iron fabric.

Heck, I wore one to my high school graduation.

Just a few years back, you would have to search the globe to hunt down a single banded collar shirt. They have always had a stigma about them - they were known as either a traditional Indian garb or a clergy style shirt. Heck, I wore one to my high school graduation under my tux and it had hideous shiny black buttons (late 90's). Let's review how men's fashion as evolved and changed the stigma of banded collar shirts.

The banded collar shirt has a volume of great features, here are just a few:

  1. Banded collar shirts are super easy to fit into your existing wardrobe. When you need to level your day up from a t-shirt, but don't want to look quite as formal as a button down shirt - grab a banded collar shirt and go!
  2. They don't need to be tucked into your pants or shorts, be it jeans or khakis. Banded collar shirts look great thrown on, un-tucked, and slightly rumpled. They can be dressed up for a night out to the local brewery, but casual enough to be thrown over swim shorts to head to the beach. 
  3. They are carefree. There is no collar to futz with, they often look better without a stiff ironing and cuffs rolled. Better yet - leave the shirt open, sans buttons!
  4. Banded collar shirts are ahead of trends. They aren't flooded in the market yet, so they're an easy way to update your look without looking like everyone else. Step out and away from your fellow peers.
  5. Sex appeal. We've opened up our neckline at the banded collar to create a V-neckline. Showing a little skin never hurt anybody. You know it's true...

Basically we are bullish on band collar shirts.

There is no down side in our view and that is style to invest in. Are you enjoying the benefits of band collars?

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