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Why do we love button down collars?

Why do we love button down collars?

Button down collars are a utilitarian style choice with great benefits.

Basically the benefit is the ease of wearing. Less collar fuss allows you to spend time on better things. 

Today more and more men wear their shirts without ties,with the center placket unbuttoned.

This is when button down collars really shine. The shape that the collar makes when it's gently folded over and pinned down by the button is an aesthetically pleasing proportion. A spread collar in contrast tends to fly away or stick out like airplane wings when not worn with a jacket or the shirt awkwardly buttoned all-the-way up.

A shirt casually worn with a jacket and no tie is super dapper.      

This look is best achieved by wearing a button down collar shirt. Spread collars just tend to have a mind of their own, and before you know it one collar makes a jail-break run for it and pops over your jacket collar. Not good friends. Totally embarrassing.

Don't let your shirt speak before you speak

Another benefit is that the buttoned down collar subtly creates a vertical line from the collar point towards the wearer's face, re-focusing your audiences' attention on you. Batch shirts have an added collar detail at the top edge to continue the progression of the eye upward.

When worn with a tie, collar point buttons are great.

If you have a true addiction to ties and your friends aren't calling an intervention, then button down collars are still the perfect go-to collar option. Button down collars create a tight tunnel that help's to securely hold a tie in place at the center of your neck.

Some people view button down collars to be old. But everything old is new and fresh again! With the trend toward wearing shirts without ties, we think that button down collars are more fresh and relevant than ever. 

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