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How can a great shirt help you get what you want in life?

How can a great shirt help you get what you want in life?

What do you want in life?

More respect, happiness, passion, power, excitement? Of course, more of everything.  

To get what you want in life you must make goals.

You must want these things more than anything, and these things must not conflict with your other wants. When we make goals we are putting out into the world what we want. We know there is power in writing goals on paper, or telling people; this helps to solidify the goals, to force you to act. 

Am I seriously saying happiness and what-not can be achieved with the shirt on our back? Yes! Please let me explain. The way you dress is a form of communication. Perhaps more powerful than what you say. You are showing the world by your visual actions. So what are you saying?

A great shirt should be a goal for who you plan on becoming, not what you are.

"Dress up" is a great line I was told long ago. Of course that means to properly dress up for a formal occasion, but also it means to dress the role of the level you want to be – not what you are today. It is a goal. And you are telling everyone. 

A great fitting shirt shows people you are in control, you care about living a better life, you take yourself seriously and thus they should also. A great fitting shirt speaks about refinement, purpose, and quality. A great fitting shirt silently lets others know you have commendable traits.

Bold shirts are a huge jumpstart to your day.

A bold shirt articulates that you are willing to take risks. It also reminds you to live a little louder, to stand a little taller. It is similar to that joke – "have you seen a person riding a jetski with a frown?" The joke also applies when you wear a fantastic bold patterned shirt. It is pretty hard to not be jazzed about basically everything while wearing one.  

Gone are the days of being average. Is that what you want from your life?

I assume not as you are reading this. Go ahead and try a great fitting shirt and see if it positively effects your life. And for extra points try a bold one, it is a heck of a lot cheaper then driving a Porsche while getting a similar reaction. 

Go Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.