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Why do we not recommend wearing ties?

Why do we not recommend wearing ties?

We know, ties are trendy right now. But it comes down to Pareto's law. 

Cast those fads aside and let us explain. Pareto's law basically states 20% of our effort makes 80% of the difference. Knowing this, we are distilling our lives down to what matters most. We have so little time in today's rapid world. We put ourselves on an information diet to focus on what matters to us. We 20/80 our friends, food, and media. What can make the most impact? We simply don't have enough time for everything. 

How does this apply to ties? 

Simply, what are ties adding to your life? You have a lot of clothing in your closet and a finite amount of time to wear it. 20% of your clothing makes all the difference. We recommend focusing your energy on the pieces you actually need to move your life forward. 

Let's start from the bottom - shoes. They are pretty important to our daily performance: less rusty nails in our feet, and more comfort walking on summer's pavement. Pants keep the bugs at bay; they give us abrasion resistance and protect us from the elements. Shirts help stop those lobster burns and are easily layered for temperature comfort. Jackets add that extra layer of warmth and protection when we need it. So what necessary function do ties provide?

Ties are great for:

  1. Slowing our morning routine down (we suggest using that time to meditate)
  2. Matching back to your pocket square, huh - why?
  3. Giving us something to fiddle with uncomfortably
  4. Getting stuck in the power tool of your choice

We recommend that your shirts look better casually worn without a tie. You'll look like you belong in this modern century than your stodgy co-workers who match their ties to their pattern socks. When huge car hood ornaments come back into favor we might reconsider. Nope, actually we will not. 20% of your clothes make you look and feel best. Ties fall into the 80% that are not worth our time - next too joggers, hats with the tags still on them, and white rib tank tops (more on undershirts later). 

If you need to be really formal, spend very little time selecting a tie. Keep it simple, solid is best or a minimal pattern. Like your underwear and socks, don't spend extra attention points that could be used for real decisions. 

Go Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.