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Reasons to roll shirt sleeves.

Reasons to roll shirt sleeves.

First off, rolled sleeves are a versatile way of changing the mood quickly of your outfit.

One roll can signal the work day is over and the real adventure has just begun. Or one roll can mean you're not staying long, or you're suiting up soon and don't want to go full roll.

Two rolls is the classic.

Your cuff is now hidden by the sleeve fabric and the tighter roll starts to happen. Two rolls should be most men's standard when unsuited. And as we are proponents of losing the formality of the jacket whenever possible - we recommend this exposed forearms stance to be your uniform. Two rolls means life is an adventure to you and you are ready to bear hug it with both arms. Two rolls means you are unafraid of getting dirty and hope the situation gets a little messy.

Three rolls is true "gettin' er done" territory.

You are not rolling three times to back down from whatever your bold life throws your way. Three rolls can help keep your shirt clean when the day gets deep.  

The anatomy of a great sleeve roll: the rolled fabric should be cleanly rolled back on itself twice or thrice, the bulk of the roll should rest easily over the widest part of your forearm accentuating the muscle shape. 

Of course, your main objective is to look in full bad ass control of your life and a Batch shirt with rolled sleeves will assist your adventurous endeavors always. Here are some other reasons to keep your sleeves rolled:

Delivering random babies, it gets messy. Strong hand shakes, let them see your cut like Arnold. Driving, don't let that cuff slow you down. If you have a kick ass watch you need to highlight that precision technology. Throwing back a few rolls will give the time piece space to say "pow, yes I can harness life's greatest currency."

Women dig wrists.

10 out of 10 women decidedly preferred men with wrists over those who don't have them. A very little known fact in the male population is the way ladies feel about a powerful forearm. An exposed forearm is the icing on a crisp shirt, like man cleavage with less european flair. 

Life without rolled sleeves is a life too precious. Dig in. 

Go Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.