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Why the printed shirt?

Why the printed shirt?

Men have distilled their dress down to simplicity and utility.

A blazer, suit jacket, or sport coat. A woven shirt and knit undershirt. A pant, casual or dressy. Socks and shoes. This is great for comfort, addressing our social needs, and ease of decision making. It is not good for individuality and has lead to conformity. 

Our days as peacocks has long passed and we feel little need to inform the same and opposite sex of our prowess with our extravagant outward appearance. Fitting into social norms will help us avoid the worry of embarrassing ourselves due to being different. So here we are standing at humanities’ peak, a sea of sameness. 

So why the printed shirt?

What possibly can this do to change the course of humanity? Our answer is a lot! The mens’ printed shirt is one of the last socially acceptable forms of peacockery. Men can express individuality without scaring the masses through a bit of pattern worn above the waist and easily toned down with a jacket. Printed pants? Whoa, slow down the crazy train. Printed jacket? A cry for help perhaps. A patterned shirt? Yes, you need a healthy dose of confidence, but acceptable. Well, not only acceptable, but one of the last vestiges for male individual expression. A smart tie is a good one also (but that is for another day). 

Men need to take their appearance and individuality back into their own hands.

With an intelligent respect for our power to influence with appearance alone, a well-styled printed shirt change change a life. It lets life know you don't plan on sitting back and being a passenger. Through printed shirts, we hope to help men become bolder and to remind themselves, they can't explore countries, the depths of the oceans, and space without a bit of courage to be different.

Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.