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Partner with Patterns

Partner with Patterns

Look in your closet.

Take a poll, let me guess: mostly blue hued shirts, some blue and white stripes, check-y plaid type options, and the classic white. Check your mates closet, same thing? 

You like our style, some great patterned shirts, but the reality is that you can't pull off the bold patterns at work or in your day to day. That's what you're thinking? You question even the less crazy (closer to solid no-patterns) for a date night, but you still aren't sure. You haven't seen shirts of this craziness out in your daily life. 

So be the first one. Columbus was.

Michael Jordan was. Hell, Obama was. Someone has to be break the mundane cycle of blue, stripe, plaid. We promise it will be a positive experience that will propel your life into further bold actions. 

Can you wear a tie?

Yes, keep the tie pattern smaller than the shirt pattern. Do you need a tie? Absolutely not. Do you tuck it in? If you want, it's your choice. You don't normally wear button down collars? That stops now, look around, that's an old adage that your top boss in his 70s is trying to instill on you. You're the now, not him. 

The conversation changes. 

On your first day of wearing a Batch shirt, see below for quick responses to the typical questions that will arise. 

Statement 1) Whoa man, nice shirt! 
Answer 1) Yeah, I'm breaking out of the corporate casual cult.  

Statement 2) Are those florals or paisleys pink!?
Answer 2) Oh yeah, and green and yellow. Just trying to Spring-forward all year long.

Statement 3) It's pretty tight fitting, I can see your back muscles.
Answer 3) It's slim fit. No tailoring needed. By the way, you look sloppy as hell, I can't even see where your shoulders end and your arms begin.

Statement 4) Where'd you get that shirt?
Answer 4) Batch. It's a clothing company that sells limited runs of patterned shirts. This on here is number 16 of 50. So no, there's no chance that anyone is going to look like my twin, by the way did you and Charlie over there get dressed together this morning?

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