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Mother of Pearl Buttons we salute you!

Mother of Pearl Buttons we salute you!

Buttons are the supporting characters

in the show that we call clothing. Small but mighty, they hold the whole production together. So often overlooked when selecting a new garment to freshen our wardrobe. Little do we understand their importance to the total picture. 

Much like in the movies the best buttons help to add dimension to the total picture. Our buttons are real shell, also known as mother of pearl. These are created from mussel and clam shells, using the inside of the pearlescent shells for their natural beauty. Like the best things in life they have variety. No two buttons is exactly alike. Imperfections we wear like a badge of honor. 

They are not inexpensive indestructible plastic.

Being made of a natural material creates the beauty and requires just a bit more care. It is often the most beautiful things in this world need to be treated as they are worth. It is best to wash garments with real shell buttons inside out to protect them from the damaging washing machine and dryer metal drum. In our case this can also help to keep our fantastic patterned shirts at their most bold colors. 

The easiest way to tell if garment has real shell buttons.

They're cool touch to the hand. Also if you gently tap it against a hard surface it should sound like glass with that sharp "ting". There are many great imitation shell buttons in plastic, don't get us wrong, there is a time and place for them. We would not recommend wasting this natural beauty on a garment sold at your local big box retailer to be worn once and discarded into our landfills. (we recommend not consuming this way)

So lets take a moment to thank the shell buttons of the world for the role they play, supporting the finest garments. Twinkling in the light and holding our shirts together. We salute you! We salute you!!

Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.