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Bach Houses

Bach Houses

File this under #lifegoals.

In America, Bachelor pads derive a less than desirable connotation. A bachelor pad is typically sparse with furniture, slightly dirty and rumpled, over-packed with video game equipment, and an almost empty fridge (just a few beers and leftover pizza in there). Time to step up gentlemen, check out how New Zealand mates are putting us to shame.

New Zealand bach houses (pronounced ‘batch’)

are destination homes situated on a beautiful patch of land, or nestled by the sea. Bach homes are a New Zealand tradition dating back to World War II, when men would build the homes on land they did not own, out of materials that were borrowed or stolen. Common materials were corrugated iron, fibrolite and used timber, and previously owned plumbing. Men would partner with their buddies to build their dream bach house (think – man’s tree house). The intention of a bach house was to be a safe resting place for a guy’s adventurous outdoor weekend – fishing, hiking, biking, sailing, etc.  Personally, we’re pretty jealous we didn’t grow up in New Zealand.

Since World War II, bach houses have evolved.

They are more luxurious destination homes on legitimately acquired land, although some men still prefer the original borrowed or stolen construction method. The original bach purpose to embrace the outdoors is still being practiced today, and renting bach houses has become a common practice in New Zealand. Can you imagine men wanting to rent your bachelor pad twenty years from now? (ha ha, right?) There’s always time to find personal style.


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