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Why Another Men's Shirt Company?

Why Another Men's Shirt Company?

Seriously??!! Another men's shirt company? Here's why.

That's the comment that we have been asked from friends, supporters, colleagues, and fashionistas. Why create a business in such a heavily rooted area of the menswear industry?

We simply have a voice and a vision for the evolution of men's style

and it must be heard. Like Nest, who updated a product that seemed to be as boring as wallpaper or like Tesla that reinvented the way we view an electric car, Batch will slowly and methodically change the way men view fashion. We must do what we are passionate about and having a lasting effect on the direction of men's style is our motivation.  

There is a monumental shift in men's style and we will help drive this change. The need to simply fit into the corporate mold is long gone. The casual style combo of t-shirt and jeans is sloppy and it is time for men to dress well again. 

Knocking at our door is a reinvention of American Sportswear.

A true change in men's style is long overdue. Starting from the top down we are addressing the versatile men's shirt first, the easiest component that can alter your style.  A shirt sets the mood. It's not a supporting character. 

American men don't sit on the sidelines. We lead, we are passionate, and we have freedom to create: a life, a family, a career, and a style. Many of the men's fashion brands that America covets were started in the 80's. It is time for a changing of the guard. It is time for new energy and new ideas.

Yes we are another men's shirt company, yes we plan on changing the course of humanity…


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