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Why Start Another Men's Shirt Company?

Why Start Another Men's Shirt Company?

Seriously! Another men's shirt company? Here's why.

That's the comment that we have been asked from friends, supporters, colleagues, and fashionistas. Why create a business in such a heavily rooted area of the menswear industry?

We simply can't find classic masculine men's style that is beautifully made and fits well

Every day I got up, got dressed, looked in a mirror. Then got depressed at the image looking back at me. Super average looking shirts made for super average style. And no affordable options in sight. Even more depressing was standing in front of coworkers and presenting the latest fashions for upcoming seasons (I'm a fashion designer by trade). How are people supposed to judge my style and taste when I am wearing a run of the mill non-iron basic shirt. Designers need to look like designers, photographers need to look like photographers etc. But the options are just not out there. 

Compound that with the fact I'm not 22 any more. I won't wear Zara for Express or some other horribly made fast fashion brand. Quality matters, I value refinement and craftsmanship. I won't wear junk - it says too much about who I am. 

It's time American brands to change. We are starting with shirts.

It's time for men to have better style options. We are addressing men's shirts first, they are versatile and the easiest way to alter your style.  A shirt sets the mood. It's not a supporting character. 

First we are addressing the quality, we founded our own workshop and train our own tailors. Next we made sure the fit is clean, updated and tailored. And now we are building out classic style, style that makes sense for the rest of us, for the builders, makers, designers, developers, coders, editors, photographers, Dp's, and founders. 

Yes we are another men's shirt company, we plan on building shirts you actually want to wear…