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Why are patterns important?

Why are patterns important?

Check out "Razzle Dazzle Camouflage" on Google.

Now is a good time, we will wait. It is fascinating. Patterns disrupt how we understand the world. Your brain can't get a lock on what you are actually seeing.

Patterns help to accentuate and bring attention.

They conceal the breakfast that obviously jumped out of your hand and landed on your shirt, or the fact that you just hate situps. (I'm with you brother)

Remember that the eye is drawn to pattern before solid color. So if you're embracing the skinny jean fad, be careful adding in pattern to that mix. A little pattern goes a long way.

One patterned piece in an outfit is plenty.

Using it as a pop is a really great way to add style. Perhaps a patterned shirt under a solid blazer? Or consider a great pattern lining inside a jacket for inner handsome detailing. If you're not ready to get that bold try a stunning accessory like a patterned pocket square. 

The key is to not be scared of them. Let patterns help tell your story, let them add an exclamation point to your day or help you to just be a little more confident in your next conversation.

Patterns remind me that I am bold today, and so my actions must follow. 

Conquer Mediocrity Batchmen.