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Men's Shirting Fabric Weights

Understanding Men's Shirt Fabric Weight

A Guide To Men's Shirting Fabric Weights

Fabrics come in a range of weights, each with its own purpose and seasonality. Here is a quick guide to understanding fabric weights when choosing your perfect casual shirt.


Very Lightweight Fabrics

As the lightest weight option, these fabrics are perfect for warm weather. Due to their light weight they are breathable, but also tend to wrinkle more and can be more sheer than heavier fabrics. A few examples of fabrics in this category are: Fine Cotton Poplin, Cotton Lawn, Cotton Voile, Fine Linen, and Fine Cotton and Linen Blends.
Men's Stretch Cotton Poplin Shirting Fabric

Lightweight Fabrics

While still light, these fabrics have more body to them than the very lightweight options. Lightweight fabrics are ideal for wearing year-round, particularly for your business casual outfits. They may still wrinkle more than heavier weight options. A few examples of fabrics in this category are: End-on-End, Pinpoint Oxford, and Classic or Stretch Cotton Poplin.
Men's End-on-End Shirting Fabric

Mediumweight Fabrics

These fabrics are perfect for all-season wear, particularly for casual looks. They are less prone to wrinkling than the very lightweight and lightweight options. These fabrics are also less likely to be sheer. A few examples in this category are: Cotton Twill, Stretch Twill, Slub Twill, Classic Oxford, Stretch Oxford, Chambray, Mercerized Cotton, and Cotton Slub.
Men's Cotton Twill Shirting Fabric

Medium Heavyweight Fabrics

These fabrics are best worn in cool weather. They are more wrinkle resistant than the lighter weight options and the weave of this fabric is more noticeable. See our shirt fabric weaves guide here for more information on weaves. A few examples in this category are: Royal Oxford, Imperial Twill, Canvas, and Chambray.
Men's Royal Oxford Shirting Fabric

Heavyweight Fabrics

These fabrics tend to be more casual than formal. Heavyweight fabrics are durable and keep you warm in cold weather. A few examples of this category are: Thick Flannel, Flannel Oxford, Heavy Oxford, and Corduroy.
Men's Flannel Shirting Fabric

Very Heavyweight Fabrics

This final category is the heaviest option for shirting fabrics. These fabrics are for cold weather and their weave is clearly visible. A few examples of this category are: Denim, Heavy Oxford, Country Flannel, and Stretch Chamois.
Men's Denim Shirting Fabric
Understanding fabric weight can help you make the decision on which shirt you need for each season and situation. Shop Batch Men's range of fabrics here to find your perfect shirt.