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What is the difference between a Band Collar vs. Collarless Shirt?

Yes, there is a difference.

And don’t let the internet tell you otherwise. The difference is based on the neckline construction. A band collar shirt has a physical “collar” which is called the “band.” The band is 1” wide or less, and is soft and pliable without a stiff interfacing inside the collar. Conversely, the collarless shirt is the absence of a collar at all, including the absence of a band. Instead, the collarless shirt edge is finished with a binding (industry talk for fabric wrapped around to finish the edge, read more below).

Both a band and binding serve the same purpose of finishing the neckline edge so raw fabric and seams are not exposed. Which finish to choose is an aesthetic decision, a cost decision, or both.
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What is the Collar on a Band Collar Shirt?

A band is also a self-fabric neckline finish that is more widely used in menswear than binding and is recognizable from the application. The way a band is applied depends on the type of fabric – knit or woven, and is typically about 1” wide. A cheap way to attach a band is to expose the seam of the join where the body and the band of the shirt meet. A more expensive method is a two piece band in which this same seam is enclosed. To help you remember, think of the finish used on your favorite t-shirt? That’s a band.
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What is the collar on a Collarless Shirt?

A binding is encases a raw edge with self-fabric and can be secured in place with a single needle topstitch on woven fabric. It is the cheaper option and no wider than 3/8.” A binding that is sewn on poorly or low quality, will have buckling and the stitching will be wobbling onto both the body of the shirt and the binding. A binding is a great choice for a minimalistic clean look.
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Which Type Of Shirt Should You Wear?

If you are a new to wearing either style, we suggest starting with a Band Collar shirt. It’s a more common style option out of the two and easier to layer. Once you’ve comfortable wearing a band collar shirt, jump over into the collarless shirt for a more modern look.
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